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Pool Construction Process: Crafting Perfect Pools

There’s nothing quite like the serene pleasure of an afternoon swim on a hot summer’s day. For many homeowners, building a swimming pool seems like the perfect way to create a backyard retreat. However, taking on such a major construction project requires careful consideration, especially in a climate as unique as Australia’s. Properly understanding the

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What I Wish I Knew Before Building a Pool: 7 Key Insights

Building a backyard pool isn’t just about splashing into a summer dream – it’s a full-blown, equally thrilling and uncharted adventure. We all picture those lazy afternoons by the water, the joyous family gatherings, and the soundtrack of laughter and splashing. However, as a seasoned pool builder, I’ve seen firsthand that this dream can quickly

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Electric Pool Heater vs Gas: Heating Showdown

Owning a pool is a delightful luxury, especially in Australia, where the sun blesses us generously. However, the cooler months can pose a challenge, turning your refreshing oasis into a less inviting prospect. To extend the joy of swimming year-round, heating your pool becomes essential, and this brings us to a key decision: electric pool

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Benefits of Fibreglass Pools: Modern Luxury and Convenience

As warmer weather returns, many homeowners dream of backyard pools for endless summer fun. When deciding whether to install a concrete, vinyl, or fibreglass pool, the options can seem endless. Cost, appearance, longevity, and ease of care must all balance for the perfect backyard oasis. In recent years, fibreglass models have rapidly grown in popularity

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Saltwater vs Freshwater Pool: Beyond the Blue

Adding a pool to your backyard is full of exciting decisions, one of the most significant being whether to choose a saltwater oasis or freshwater paradise. As you weigh up saltwater vs freshwater pool options, it’s worth noting that saltwater pools are gaining momentum in Australia, accounting for 75% of new in-ground pools. This trend

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Types of Pool Filters: The ABCs of Pool Filters

As a pool owner or soon-to-be, you understand that a pool is more than a luxury; it’s a lifestyle centrepiece. Keeping that glistening water clean and inviting is important, and being familiar with the different types of pool filters is key to choosing the right filtration system. In this guide, we explore the essentials of

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