Central Coast Pool Builder: Creating Your Dream Swimming Pool

Luxury Custom Designs to Make Your Backyard an Oasis

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Imagine an elegant, glistening oasis just steps from your back door – your private aquatic paradise sculpted by Wagtail Built’s master pool builders. Our luxury pools blend durability, timeless style, and tailored design to create backyard havens for family, friends, and peaceful relaxation.

Your Luxury Pool Builder on the Central Coast NSW

Wagtail Built will design a pool for you that is elegant, durable and timeless. We can create a poolscape that is functional for family fun and games, provides space for entertaining, and ensures poolside luxury and relaxation.

The Wagtail Built team love making dreams come true. Let us build the pool that you are imagining.

swimming pool solutions

What sort of pool would you like to make?

Concrete Pool

  • Customization
  • Durable
  • Luxurious Finish
  • Design Flexibility
  • High-End Aesthetics
  • Long-Term Investment

Fibreglass Pool

  • Efficient Installation
  • Smooth Surface
  • Cost-Effective
  • Moderate Customization
  • Modern Appearance
  • Energy Efficiency

Create The Lifestyle Of Your Dreams

Your pool can be your oasis.
A retreat from your busy life.
Your pool can be the focus of your family, giving kids time away from their screens and keeping them active.
A place to laugh and play together.
Your pool can be the centrepiece in a welcoming entertaining space,
hosting friends and family for celebrations and creating special memories.
Your new pool will also add value to your property. Although you won’t want to sell once you have your dream pool.

Why Wagtail Built

Leveraging our expertise as skilled builders, Wagtail Built presents a comprehensive spectrum of services encompassing construction, renovation, and landscaping, extending beyond the installation of your new concrete or fibreglass pool. Your backyard’s potential is our canvas, and we specialize in crafting transformative spaces that redefine outdoor living.

Make sure you go with qualified pool builders with demonstrated experience. Many so called ‘pool builders’ on the Central Coast are either unqualified or are unsavoury in their business dealings. Choose Wagtail Built - a trusted & certified family-owned pool building specialist.

Working with Wagtail Built, you can create a pool space that is contemporary, sophisticated, luxurious and functional all at the same time. We can work with you to fit your budget.

safety is our priority


Safety is a priority for Wagtail Built. We want to make sure the kids have fun safely. We can ensure your pool has stylish soft edges, accessible ledges or long bench seats..

quality workmanship


Our reinforced concrete pools boast lasting finishes like pebblecrete, tiling, or glass beads, ensuring decades of durability. Meanwhile, our fibreglass pools, crafted from fibreglass-reinforced materials with a sturdy gel coat, offer a smooth, enduring surface.


Wagtail Built can design your pool to ensure easy exits for all ages with convenient wide steps, handrails and strategically placed ledges for support and relaxing in built spa sections.


You can choose the depth of your pool and spa. A gradual depth is great for learning to swim and improving water confidence. A single depth is best for lap pools or wading.


Your new pool can be salt, mineral or fresh water. Wagtail Built can help you decide.


Wagtail Built guarantees attention to detail, quality materials and excellent craftsmanship in everything we do. Quality is our priority.

Whether you want a classic resort feel, or you are dreaming of a tropical paradise, Wagtail Built can design and build the pool you want. The pool you will enjoy for years to come.

Discover Your Inspiration

Immerse yourself in the sophistication and contemporary charm of our builds.

Why a custom designed concrete pool

Immerse yourself in the epitome of personalization with our custom designed concrete pools. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, each concrete pool becomes a unique masterpiece tailored to your distinct preferences. From shaping the contours to selecting the finishes, every element embodies your vision, creating a luxurious retreat that’s an expression of your style.
Fiberglass Pool

Fibreglass Pools: Cost-effective solution to suit your lifestyle

Discover the fusion of efficiency and elegance with our high-quality fibreglass pools. Engineered for swift installation and durability, our fibreglass pools offer a streamlined process without compromising on aesthetics. Select from a range of sizes and shapes while relishing the inherent low-maintenance advantage of a smooth, non-porous surface, ensuring your pool embodies both form and function.

What is involved in getting my dream pool installed

Wagtail Built has over 23 years’ experience in the home renovation and building industry. We enjoy working with our customers to support them through the concept, design and construction of their perfect pool, and all the paperwork that goes with it.

If you are looking to install a custom designed pool, these are the steps involved:


Onsite consultation to understand site, pool use, style preferences and budget


Wagtail Built’s designer will design your pool, pool area and the landscape around the pool


When you are happy with the design, Wagtail will prepare your Development Application (DA) or Comply & Development (CDC) and submit it to your local council for approval


After council has approved the design and issued a construction certificate, excavation can start

Wagtail Built’s project manager will work with you throughout the process. We will explain what the fine print means, discuss what risks you need to consider and detail what costs are involved. We will also make sure you know when will be at your place and what we will be doing each day.

Wagtail Built can create your perfect outdoor living setting with your stunning pool at the centre.

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Hear from some of our happy customers

My family absolutely loves our new pool. Dealing with Brooke and his team was really easy and they were able to translate our dreams for the area around the pool into a space that we can use all year round. I highly recommend.

Brooke and the Wagtail Built team were a pleasure to work with. They custom designed and built our amazing pool and demonstrated they were every bit the quality pool builders they say they are. I recommend Wagtail to anyone looking to create their dream pool. I guarantee you will enjoy it for years to come.

We recently worked with Wagtail Built to get a custom built pool installed in our new home as we ease into retirement. We were blown away by the exceptional craftmanship and excellent communication. From the moment we first met with Brooke, we could tell he is an expert in his field and passionate about creating beautiful, functional poolscapes. He answered all our questions and kept us updated every step of the way. We are looking forward to hosting the family for Christmas - the grandkids love the pool as much as we do.