Concrete vs Fibreglass Pool: Which is Best for Your Backyard Oasis?

Concrete vs Fibreglass Pool

Before you grab your swimsuit and goggles for summer pool days, it’s time to weigh the Great Backyard Pool Debate – a concrete vs fibreglass pool. Both options can deliver an Instagram-worthy oasis, but which material is right for your space and lifestyle? 

We’ve got you covered: 

Read on as we dive into the key considerations like aesthetics, maintenance, and costs to help determine the best pool for you.

1. Aesthetics and Artistry: Masterpiece or Modern Simplicity?

Concrete: Your Creative Canvas

Concrete pools are the blank slates of the aquatic world, offering unparalleled design freedom. Want a pool shaped like a violin or perhaps an infinity edge overlooking your picturesque garden? 

With concrete, there’s no limit to design possibilities. Moreover, with the variety of finishes available – from elegant tiles to rustic pebblecrete – your pool can become an aesthetic extension of your home’s design.

Fibreglass: Sleek and Streamlined

Pools made of fibreglass have a smooth finish and a glossy sheen with a modern appeal. They may not offer the extensive customizability of concrete, but they have come a long way in design evolution. They’re far from boring, with a range of contemporary shapes and up to 15 colour choices. They’re the embodiment of stylish, efficient design.

Winner: Concrete Pools for Limitless Design Options

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2. Installation: A Marathon or a Sprint?

Concrete: Patience Pays Off

Creating a custom masterpiece takes time. From designing, excavating, reinforcing with steel, pouring concrete, curing, and finishing touches, you might find yourself waiting up to 3 months. But, like any good thing, a bespoke concrete pool can be worth the wait.

Fibreglass: Dive in Sooner

In the race to swim-ready status, fibreglass takes the gold. With the shell crafted off-site, once it arrives at your home, it’s merely a matter of positioning, setting, and filling. In a matter of weeks, you’ll be hosting pool parties and enjoying lazy afternoons by the water.

Winner: Fibreglass Pools for speed

kidney shaped fibreglass pool

3. Adaptability & Accessibility: Made-to-Measure or Off-the-Rack?

Concrete: Embracing Every Inch

The beauty of on-site construction is its adaptability. It does not matter if you have a sloping block, a small space, or some difficult corners in your garden; concrete can be poured to fit. Want an integrated spa or a water feature? Concrete pools say, “No problem.”

Fibreglass: Precise Placement Needed

Fibreglass pools arrive ready-made, requiring precision and planning for placement. Cranes and clear access paths are necessary, potentially causing a hiccup for those with tight or obstructed spaces.

Winner: Concrete Pools for adaptability in every scenario.

4. Costs and Longevity: Initial Outlay vs. Future Investments

Concrete: Invest Now, Reap Later

While concrete pools can be heftier in initial costs due to their custom nature, they can also significantly boost your property’s value. They might require resurfacing every decade or so, but they offer the allure of timeless grandeur.

Fibreglass: Economical Elegance

Upfront, fibreglass pools can be gentler on the wallet. With fewer installation complexities and a quicker turnaround, labour and time costs are reduced. Long-term warranties are the cherry on top, although changing aesthetics might not be as straightforward.

Winner: It’s a tie! Concrete Pools for property value and Fibreglass Pools for initial savings.

concrete pool with slide

5. Maintenance: Hassle-free or Hands-on?

Concrete: Regular Maintenance Required

Concrete pools demand consistent care. With their porous nature, they might need more chemicals and can be prone to algae if not regularly treated. Periodic resurfacing is also on the cards.

Fibreglass: Low Maintenance Lovelies

One of the biggest fibreglass perks is saying goodbye to excessive scrubbing and chemical treatments. Its smooth, non-porous surface is resistant to algae, meaning more relaxation and less work for you.

Winner: Fibreglass Pools for effortless upkeep.

The Champion Backyard Oasis Is...

Both contenders have showcased their strengths, but the crown belongs to… your personal preferences! If you’re dreaming of a custom masterpiece, concrete is your canvas. But fibreglass is a fantastic choice for those seeking quick, modern elegance with minimal fuss.

Let the backyard fun begin:

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