How Much Space is Needed for a Pool? Planning Your Oasis

The addition of a swimming pool can be an excellent way to enhance your backyard and create a beautiful focal point. However, a critical question arises: how much space is needed for a pool? Determining the right size and placement of the pool is crucial to ensure it fits harmoniously with the rest of your outdoor space.

Here are some key factors to consider when deciding how much room your pool requires.

Consider How You Want to Use the Space

Before choosing the dimensions of your pool, think about how you plan to utilise the rest of your yard. Do you want room for a patio set, a vegetable garden, or a play area for kids? Make sure to allocate space for pathways, landscaping, sheds, and any other outdoor elements you desire besides the pool. Generally, the pool and surrounding deck should take up about 25% of your backyard area.

Choose the Right Shape and Size

Rectangular pools are the most common, but lap pools, plunge pools, and custom shapes are great options for narrow or irregularly shaped yards. As a guide, small family-sized pools range from 7x3m to 9x4m. Plunge pools can be 5x3m to 7x3m. For lap pools, 9×2.5m to 15×3 m are typical dimensions. Carefully measure your usable backyard space and layout to determine which size can best be accommodated.

Account for Codes and Setbacks

Check local regulations for pool placement, fencing, and required distances from property lines and structures. Easements, flood zones, and other restrictions may also impact where and how large a pool you can install. Design the pool accordingly within your home’s boundaries.

Allow Ample Decking Area

The paved decking around the pool should be around 50% of the pool’s surface area. This ensures enough room to move safely around the pool and space for tables, loungers, and other poolside amenities.

Maximise Remaining Space

Once the pool is positioned, look at how best to use the rest of your yard. Include trees, planting beds, lawns, pathways, conversation areas, play equipment, and whatever matches your lifestyle. The pool will be a gorgeous focal point, while the surrounding space will be fully utilised for outdoor living.

Proper planning and design allow you to install a swimming pool that perfectly suits your backyard size and shape while leaving room for other activities and landscape elements you desire.

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Brooke Morgan

Brooke Morgan

Brooke Morgan founded Wagtail Built to bring his 23 years of construction industry experience to families on the Central Coast. His local custom home improvement company prides itself on quality, reliability, and personal service. As a family-owned and operated business, Brooke and his team are deeply invested in the homes and relationships they build, staying true to their core values of trust, integrity, quality, and communication.

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