How to Keep Frogs Out of Your Pool: Effective Tips

Are you dreaming of a perfect pool or already basking in the glory of your own backyard paradise? Either way, you might encounter a common, slippery little challenge: frogs.

While these amphibians are fascinating creatures in their natural habitat, they can be less than welcome guests in your swimming pool. Not only do they pose a challenge to pool hygiene, but their presence can also dampen the joy of your pool experience.

Stay tuned as we go over practical tips on how to keep frogs out of your pool, ensuring your backyard haven remains exclusively for your enjoyment.

Why Frogs Are Attracted to Pools

Determining why your pool is a magnet for frogs is crucial in addressing this amphibious issue. Frogs are attracted to pools for several reasons:

  • Water as a Basic Need: Frogs are amphibians, which means they need a moist environment to survive. Your pool, with its vast expanse of water, is incredibly inviting to them.
  • Food Source: The lights around your pool are not just for ambience. They attract various insects at night, turning your pool area into a frog’s buffet.
  • Safety and Breeding Ground: Pools provide a safe haven from predators. Additionally, the still water in pools is ideal for frogs to lay their eggs.

Preventive Measures

Keeping frogs out of your pool involves a blend of tactics that make the environment less appealing to them. Here are some effective strategies:

Physical Barriers

The first line of defence is creating physical barriers. A well-constructed fence around your pool can prevent frogs from gaining access. For those with existing pools, a pool cover is invaluable. Opt for solid vinyl or mesh safety covers, which keep frogs out and contribute to maintaining pool cleanliness.

Water Movement

Frogs prefer still waters for their activities, including laying eggs. You can discourage their visit by ensuring your pool water is constantly moving. Installing a pool pump or adding water features like fountains or waterfalls can disrupt the calm, making your pool less attractive for froggy breeding.

Light Management

The lights in and around your pool may enhance its beauty but also attract insects, which in turn attract frogs. Minimising the use of these lights, especially at night, can reduce this attraction. Consider using motion sensor lights or timers to manage when and how long your lights are on.

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Natural Repellents and Deterrents

When it comes to keeping our amphibious friends at bay, nature offers some of the best solutions. Here are a few natural repellents and deterrents that can help you maintain a frog-free pool:

  • Vinegar and Citric Acid: A simple yet effective way to deter frogs is by creating a natural chemical barrier. Mixing vinegar or citric acid with water and spraying it around the pool area can create an unappealing environment for frogs. The mild acidic nature of these solutions irritates the frogs’ sensitive skin, encouraging them to hop away. Use these mixtures responsibly, however, to prevent damaging your garden plants.
  • Garden Management: A well-kept garden is less inviting to frogs. They love hiding in overgrown grass, under leaf piles, and within dense shrubbery. You reduce potential frog hideouts by trimming your lawn and removing garden debris. Also, consider the placement of water features or small ponds in your garden. While these are attractive landscape elements, they can also lure frogs closer to your pool area. Positioning them further away can help keep the frogs at a comfortable distance.

Alternative Habitats for Frogs

While we might not want frogs in our pools, they play a crucial role in our gardens by controlling pests. So, why not provide them with an alternative habitat? This way, they can continue their good work without turning your pool into their playground.

Creating a Pond

A small pond in your garden can be an excellent alternative for frogs. It doesn’t have to be large; a simple water feature with some aquatic plants and a few stones can be quite inviting for them to bask in. This new habitat will divert their attention from your pool, providing them with a more suitable environment for their activities.

Benefits for Your Garden

Frogs are natural pest controllers, feasting on insects that can harm your plants. By having a pond, you encourage frogs to stay in your garden, keeping the insect population in check. It’s a win-win situation – the frogs get a comfortable habitat, and your garden benefits from their presence.

Location Matters

When planning this alternative habitat, consider its location carefully. It should be far enough from your pool to prevent frogs from hopping over but close enough to your garden areas where their pest control services are most needed.

Humane Removal of Frogs

Sometimes, despite our best efforts, a few adventurous frogs may find their way into our pools. Removing them humanely is important when this happens, ensuring their safety and well-being.

  • Frog Logs and Ramps: One of the most effective and kind ways to help frogs exit your pool is by using frog logs or ramps. These devices provide an easy escape route for frogs that accidentally hop into the water. They typically float on the surface and have a ramp leading up to the pool edge, allowing frogs to climb out effortlessly.
  • Gentle Skimming: If you find frogs in your pool, use a skimmer with a soft net to gently remove them. Carefully guide the skimmer towards the frog, allowing it to hop on and gently lift it out of the water. To avoid injuring the frog, you must be as gentle as possible.
  • Relocation: Once you’ve safely removed the frog from the pool, consider relocating it to a nearby natural habitat, such as a pond or a wetland area.


In conclusion, while frogs can be charming in their natural habitat, their presence in your pool is less than ideal. By understanding their attraction to pools and implementing a mix of preventive measures, natural repellents, and alternative habitats, you can enjoy a frog-free swimming experience. Remember, if frogs do appear, humane removal is key to maintaining the delicate balance of our ecosystem.

If you plan to build a pool or seek expert advice on maintaining your existing pool, don’t hesitate to reach out. Our team is committed to providing top-notch pool-building services, ensuring your pool remains a pristine and frog-free oasis. Contact us today to make your pool dreams a reality!

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